Events not to be missed at #CCME2021!

#CCME2021 is just around the corner and AFMC wanted to highlight some of the great events that we will be hosting this year.


Reminder! CCME content will be available on demand for 3 months post conference.


What to expect from the AFMC events at #CCME2021

Dr. Geneviève Moineau, AFMC’s President and CEO held a few short podcasts with some of our presenters to give you a glimpse of what to expect at this year’s events. We look forward to engaging with you during the virtual #CCME2021.


National Residency Registration Requirements


This guidance document was developed by a working group led by the Postgraduate Managers and including representatives from the AFMC UGME Committee, AFMC PGME Committee, AFMC Student Affairs Committee, Postgraduate Managers, Undergraduate Managers, CMFS and FMEQ.  This document is for undergraduate medical students from Canadian medical schools transitioning to residency in 2021. It aims to prepare undergraduate medical students from Canadian medical schools to meet the compressed 2021 registration timelines.


We would like to thank our medical education community for supporting the graduating class of 2021 during this challenging year.


Admission Requirements Guide Available Next Week

Every year the AFMC gathers information on Admission Requirements directly from the 17 Faculties of Medicine in Canada and publishes a free guide to help students navigate the application process. The AFMC Admissions Guide is the place to get free information on every medical school in Canada in one convenient location.


The 2022 Guide will be available next week.


How should we shape the future of Health Research in Canada?


AFMC’s new Position Paper A National Integrated Health Research Strategy advocates for the creation of a National Health Research Strategy.


Canada’s health research ecosystem is disconnected. It is slow, struggles to translate research outputs into meaningful health interventions and rarely sees the economic benefits. 


A National Health Research Strategy that focuses on research collaborations across multiple sectors will result in an improved system that support scientists doing internationally recognized research that meets the health needs of Canadians and the world. 


If we are going to continue to compete internationally as leaders in research and to provide maximum benefit to Canadians, we must embrace collaborative and integrated science at a national scale. 


There are four areas that will contribute to achieving collaborative research:

1) New funding approaches that support and promote interdisciplinary research;

2) A sustained commitment to developing, engaging and fostering our scientists and future researchers; 

3) World-class infrastructure, national platforms and streamlined regulatory processes;

4) Relationships and integration with   businesses, health   authorities, government and faculty members.


Training of highly qualified personnel to support Canada's youth, create jobs and provide innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities is a crucial component to achieving collaborative research and innovation in all areas identified above.


Academic research must work more closely with industry to better respond to pandemics and many other areas of healthcare. We must be able to discover drugs and treatments and manufacture them in Canada so that they are available to Canadians and benefit our economy. 


The engagement and support of a number of stakeholders and partners is critical in achieving this vision. We are calling on health research partners to join AFMC in shaping Canada’s National Health Research Strategy. 


MCAT Fee Assistance Program

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) offer a fee assistance program for Canadian examinees in financial need to help them prepare for and register for the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®). Together, we are committed to providing support to Canadian students who would be unable to take the MCAT® without financial assistance.


This year, AFMC collaborated with Price of a Dream to increase awareness about the program. Price of a Dream is a team of medical students, residents, and staff from across Canada who are passionate about eliminating individual and systemic financial barriers for medical school applicants from low socioeconomic status backgrounds. As a result, we saw double the number of students apply for the fee assistance program and double the number of students receive awards.


The application period for the next testing year will open in the fall of 2021.


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